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Sunday, 5/28/2017
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Transportation Guidelines

  1. Students must be at their designated stop 10 minutes before the bus arrives. After the driver turns off the flashing red lights, they may not pick up any more students at that stop. Drivers may not wait for tardy students!
  2. Students will observe the following rules if it is necessary to cross the road upon boarding or after leaving the bus.
    • Make sure the bus is completely stopped.
    • On leaving, go to the front of the bus within sight of the driver.
    • Look both ways and then, if safe, proceed across the highway in front of the bus.
    • Walk don’t run, in front of the bus when crossing.
  1. Students may be required to sit more than two to a seat when necessary.
  2. Students need permission to ride a bus other than their own – room permitting. A note signed by a parent and a building administrator is required.
  3. Students may not change bus stops without a prior written permission from a school administrator.
  4. Students must not cross major roads as designated by the district through the transportation department.


These guidelines were established by Romeo Community Schools bus drivers, transportation administrators, and building administrators