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Sunday, 5/28/2017
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Information for Parents and Students

Dear Parents and Students:
The following safety requirements for student conduct while riding on a school bus were developed to insure the safety of all students and employees of the district.
The bus driver is required to watch the road ahead, be aware of traffic conditions on the side and from behind, and anticipate the actions of other drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians. The driver’s attention should not be distracted by unnecessary student activity. Appropriate student behavior and cooperation are essential for the safety of everyone.
All students of Romeo Community Schools are required to become familiar with and follow these regulations.
While riding on the school bus, students should remember that the bus driver is not only responsible for his/her bus but has complete authority and responsibility to control the conduct of bus passengers while in transit. All students must follow the instructions given by the driver. If, at anytime, in the judgment of the driver, a student fails to follow instructions and violated the bus safety requirements, the driver will issue a written violation. The written violation will be processed by the applicable school administrator. If, in the judgment of the school administrator, the violation is a serious offense of the rules a student may be suspended from bus service on the first offense.
Parents’ support and cooperation regarding all bus rules is needed for the safe transportation of our students.
If you have a complaint, please do not board the bus or confront the driver while he/she is in route. Simply call the School Administrator and a meeting shall be arranged, if necessary, to resolve the problem.


Romeo Community Schools Transportation Department