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Wednesday, 6/28/2017
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Paperless Payroll

Overview of Move to Paperless Payroll

The District is very excited to announce that we will move to a paperless payroll environment!  This switch will take effect on the November 12, 2010 pay date.  We are switching to save on processing costs and still provide a method for employees to review their check stubs.  The benefits for the employee and the district include:


  • Two-year history of payroll activities will be available
  • Eliminates the need for costly check stock and postage
  • W-2 view capability (with possibility of print option) 
  •  Paycheck Stubs in October to Include Passwords to View Pay Stubs Online

Each employee will be given a unique password to a secure web site where they are able to view or print their paycheck stubs immediately.  The unique passwords will be printed on your paycheck on October 15, 2010 and October 29, 2010.  On November 12, 2010 you will not receive a printed paycheck stub.  You will be required to view that information on line via the web site information provided to you.  Since the site is web-based, this information can be accessed at your convenience from any computer with internet access.


How to Access Payroll Check Stub Online Effective Immediately


You can view your check stub online via the web at the following site:  www.romeo.k12.mi.us go to Quick Links (located on the left side of the tool bar) then go to Payroll Check Portal (in the pull down from Quick Links). (This will take you to website: myinfo.misd.net, which you can go to directly if you want).


You will encounter an error message blocking the web site.  When you do, click on the highlighted bar and select “Download File”.  You will be at the Employee Portal Website.  Select Romeo Community Schools from the drop down menu and enter your user ID and password listed on your October payroll check stubs.  Once you change your password you will use the password you created.  To continue, follow the First Time User directions attached below.  Also attached are the Employee Portal Quick Reference guide and the FAQ's sheet.  


If you need assistance or more information contact Julie Colasinski in Payroll at ext 1406 or via email at Julie.colasinski@romeo.k12.mi.us